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A chalazion is a bump that appears on the eyelid. Encino, CA residents who develop chalazions may suffer from pain and vision issues. Dr. Mark Baskin is a local ophthalmologist who can remove chalazion growths safely.

Chalazion Q & A

What Is A Chalazion?

A chalazion is an eyelid cyst that typically appears as a bump on the upper or lower eyelid. It may sometimes be confused with a sty, as they can have a very similar appearance. While the great majority of chalazion lesions are completely harmless, they can cause some unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, it is usually best to seek treatment so the growth can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Why Do Chalazion Growths Develop?

A chalazion growth usually develops when one of the oil glands around the eye is blocked, commonly caused by an infection from eye rubbing or eye makeup. These growths appear to be most common in patients who suffer from blepharitis (inflammation of the eyes.) They are also frequently seen in people who suffer from rosacea and dry eye. If the underlying issue can be resolved or minimized, the chalazion growths may stop developing.

What Issues Are Caused By Chalazion Growths?

Swelling of the upper eyelid or lower eyelid, often around the eyelash line, is a common issue. While unusual, the growth may also occur on or just below the lower eyelid. Eyelids are often quite tender or even painful when a chalazion growth is present. Many people experience light sensitivity and increased tear production. It is also not uncommon for the eyelid to feel heavy because of the growth.

How Are Chalazion Growths Treated?

In some cases, particularly for very small growths, no treatment may be needed. However, chalazion growths that are larger should usually be removed as they may grow bigger. An ophthalmologist can perform a simple excision surgery to remove the lesion safely. An alternative form of treatment involves the use of eye drops and topically applied warm compresses. If a chalazion growth comes back in the same area after removal, the doctor may perform a biopsy to rule out a cancerous growth.

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